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In Memoriam Robert Chung

Gun club members,

For those who have not heard, on December 28th, Robert Chung passed away from COVID-19 complications. He was our Club Treasurer, Safety Chairman, and a strong supporter of our club. For those who new him closely, Robert was a kind and generous friend. We will truly miss him. Our heart goes out to his wife Barbara. There will be no funeral at this time due to the pandemic. A celebration of Robert's life may occur in the spring or summer but it has not been scheduled yet.

Due to the rampant COVID going on, the board and officers have elected to not have a meeting until this Covid surge lets up. I know everyone understands.

Thank you,

Jim Greene,


Manzano Mountain Gun Club

Ladies’ Fun Shoot 2015

DSC 0002

The MMGC’s Women’s Shoot was great! 

DSC 0005

 We had ten shooters, three RSOs and one instructor. 

DSC 0010

The ladies had a wonderful time, learned a lot about the three different firearms and their ammunition and did very well on paper and metal targets! 

DSC 0008


DSC 0020

DSC 0015

DSC 0018

They ALL say THANK YOU to the MMGC and the NRA for the opportunity given them.  Good times!

Sandy Carr, event coordinator

The Well-Armed Woman meets Mountainair

TWAT Chapter first mtg

The Well Armed Woman — Where the Feminine & Firearms Meet — is a resource for women gun owners with chapters around the country. A new chapter is being formed in Mountainair, and Chapter Leader Sandy Carr, a certified NRA instructor, has sent us the flyer:

Sandy has also sent an update to this flyer, asking us not to bring guns/ammunition to this first event, as it is informational only and will not include a range trip. 

Once it is open, the Manzano Mountain Gun Club’s Pohl Memorial Range will be the home range of the Mountainair Chapter of The Well Armed Woman. We are happy to support our new local Chapter of The Well Armed Woman!

A good time was had by all

Ladies' Fun Shoot

The First Annual “Ladies Fun Shoot” was a wonderful harbinger of the sort of events we can have regularly once the range is completed and actually open.

Nine women, including 4 who are not MMGC members, participated in 3 courses of fire. Instructor Donn Gallahue ran the event and provided shooting instruction during the day. Several MMGC men served as RSOs for the shoot.

Donn reports: “The first actual shooting event held @ MMGC Range seemed to be a success. All attendees seemed to have fun, the wind was a definite factor, but we were able to complete three different courses of fire which proved to be very challenging to all the shooters.”

Gail shooting

A wide variety of challenges, and of RSOs, too!

enjoying the breeze copy

Visiting between challenges.

smiling faces

Happy faces ensue!

To a fine man

Bill Pohl

Our friend and landlord, Bill Pohl, passed away over the weekend. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Bill’s support for our range project was the most critical factor in its success.

Here’s to a strong character and fine man. Bill, we will never forget you!

PS: Bill participated in an oral history project, the Abo Canyon Second Track Project. You can read his words here

LEOs in touch with reality

PoliceOne survey of law enforcement officers — mostly field level — disputes much of the current “narrative” about LEO attitudes on gun control.

Read it for yourself here.

About the proposed UN Treaty

which the current US administration seems poised to sign:

Read all about it here.

Then do whatever you can to prevent this disaster. Start by contacting our Senators. This treaty must never be ratified, as it would be the absolute end of 2nd Amendment rights in the US, no matter what the smiling politicians claim.

Rodeo Days

the auctioneer

Many many thanks to the wonderful team of MMGC members who volunteered for this month’s rodeo concession stand.  From the pictures, you will see we had a great time, along with making a contribution to our Club.


early morning rodeo-ers

goats are gonne get tied

goats are gonna get tied!

eyeing the upcoming challenge

eyeing the upcoming challenge

Lou and Kevin cooked over 65 breakfast burritos.

Nick and Kevin took over and cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs, with George making sure everything was going smoothly.


how to keep everything going smoothly

Kevin 2

Kevin grills, happily.

Nick, Trudy, Christine

Ready for business, or taking a break?

Christine, Trudy, and Sharon were cashiers, while keeping everything well stocked.

Sharon, Trudy, Christine

Womanning the booth

Jim was our go-to man for supplies.

Jim Bauer

Lonnie and Sonya not only worked the snow-cone booth, but also donated all the profits from it.

Steve (the auctioneer) stayed around all day offering his assistance;  he even ended up taking the money at the snow cone booth for several hours.

Thanks to Trini and his wonderful family, we did not have to purchase sodas, popsicles, or chips. Everything had been counted out for us and ready to use. Also, there were extra sodas and chips remaining so they will be given to the (range work party) workers this weekend.

Art on the Range

Cowboy Gun

MMGC had a booth at the Manzano Mountain Art Council’s show Art on the Range, held Saturday, June 16, at Mountain Arts on Broadway in Mountainair. Our booth displayed several 19th century firearms that might have been used on the western frontier.

Here, club member Dave Doler shows his 1994 Springfield 45.70 rifle.

Good times were had by all, and we were happy to be part of this lively art event!

MMGC cooks for the Mountainair Gymkhana

GEDC0743 copy

Today was a great day!

Trini Griego, Kevin Dunlap, Nick Franks, and Barbara Chung were our main cooks for the day ... even Robert Chung showed off some of his cooking skills.

GEDC0741 copy

Nick wrestling dogs.

Christine Franks and Sharon Doler took food orders and handled the cash.

Even our illustrious President and First Lady joined in on the fun.

Lonnie and Sonia Greene organized everything, making it an easy and fun day.

Trini's wife, Adrainne, baked a special (huge) batch of beans for our Frito Pie. Juanita Chavez made us some of her wonderful red chili.

GEDC0744 copy

Christine, Barbara, & Sharon managed the booth.

We will be donating a few of our extra goodies.

We still have some supplies, candy and chips for our next Rodeo - possibly June 16 & 17th.  If not, it will be on July 8th.

Thank you again to everyone for making this a wonderful experience.

Co-Chair Sharon Doler

Proud to help out

MMGC sponsored two shooters to participate in the New Mexico Coop Employees Disability Fund and the Aim To Assist sporting clays fundraiser, held at Del Norte Gun Club on March 31.

Club member Kevin Dunlap has reported that club member Paul Chavez was joined by CNMEC accounting manager Alena Brandenberger to utilize the two entries we sponsored.

Kevin writes, “Paul shot well and seemed to enjoy the event. ... Alena had never shot any shotgun sports before, but with the loan of a shotgun and some brief training from members of the Del Norte Gun Club, she completed the event, took home a trophy, sunburn, and a new love for sporting clays.”

What we’re here for: supporting a worthy cause and introducing a newcomer to the pleasure of shooting sports!

Inaugural Youth Air Rifle Event

targets galore copy

The Manzano Mountain Gun Club sponsored a free air rifle target shoot for Mountainair area youth this afternoon. Eighteen youth (8-17) participated. Parents were required to be present for the entire event.

After registration & safety briefing, participants each had several turns at one of four shooting stations, using club-owned .22 caliber break-action air rifles.

safety briefing

Taking the safety briefing seriously.

MMGC provided eye & ear protection for each participant.

break action .22 cal

Break-action .22 cal air rifle.

Club members served as coaches, supervising & assisting each shooter individually.

the line

The line.



taking careful aim

Taking careful aim.

each shooter has a coach

Each shooter has a coach.



Snacks & drinks were also provided by the club, but hitting targets was the real attraction of the day.



At the end of the afternoon, after many popped balloons, some participants were asking to have another shoot next Sunday.

That’s Super Bowl Sunday, so... no, not next weekend. Sorry kids!

But soon, very soon, as this is just the beginning of a happy Mountainair family tradition.

The Manzano Mountain Gun Club would like to thank the Town of Mountainair for allowing us use of the Dr. Saul Community Center for this youth event. It is an excellent space for air rifle marksmanship!

Misbehavior — don’t tolerate it!

FW- 2 antelope shot, left to rot

We have received this press release from the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish. It relates to misbehavior in Torrance County, so we want to spread the word:

Click to view full size.

In which we play


Saturday, November 12, saw our second “fun shoot” & potluck this year. Our generous host Kevin prepared roast pork & cherry cobbler, and other attendees brought their own specialties — potatoes & sausage! savory biscuits! split pea soup! — you would be excused for thinking it was a blustery day & we all intended to stay warm.


Zombie Zed had a very bad day.

Moriarty Rotary Youth Pheasant Hunt 2011

PA220021 copy

Today was the day — the Seventh Annual Moriarty Rotary Youth Pheasant Hunt took place at Shiver Farm north of Moriarty. Conditions were perfect, too: wam, clear, just a touch of breeze in the morning.

The day began with NRA safety training followed by shooting clays. For the clays there were three shooting stations, with youth participants lined up safely behind the shooting line waiting their turn. 


Three shooting stations at the Moriarty Rotary Youth Pheasant Hunt,
with a single shooter & instructors at each station.

Each participant had three opportunities to shoot a string of five clays. While some beginning shooters needed several attempts before breaking their first clay, an impressive number of the youth shooters were busting every clay thrown out for them.

PA220011 copy

MMGC youth member Heather Warren takes aim at a clay.
Heather broke 14 of the 15 clays thrown for her.

As one of the primary purposes of our club is to promote youth firearms training and shooting opportunities, the Manzano Mountain Gun Club is pleased to again provide funding for a shotgun raffle prize for the Moriarty Rotary Youth Pheasant Hunt.

MMGC’s shotgun prize was won by Albuquerque resident Lauren Wilder, who will be able to redeem her certificate at Charlie’s Sporting Goods. Lauren, the daughter of Dennis Wilder, rides horses and has raised lambs for 4-H. She first held a gun as a 10-year-old. Now 15, Lauren is a member of ROTC, where she participates in the .22 caliber marksmanship program. Although she doesn’t hunt (yet!), she will soon be the proud owner of a quality shotgun.

A Sunday at Appleseed

alan w red AQT

Context: As noted previously in this blog, MMGC VP Alan Clute earned his Rifleman Patch at an Appleseed Shoot last October. This post is adapted from an email he sent to a friend the following day.

Appleseed is a nationwide program, which combines very high quality marksmanship training with lessons in American history and heritage, particularly concerning the beginning of the Revolutionary War at Lexington & Concord, April 19, 1775.

Appleseed uses an Army Qualifying Test (AQT) target, modified to simulate distances from 100 to 400 yards at 25 meters, to qualify shooters for the Rifleman Patch. To qualify, a shooter needs to score 210 points, out of a possible 250. There are 4 courses of fire (stages) in the AQT, each of which tests shooting accuracy in various positions, at varying distances, and under varying amounts of time pressure.

The “Red Coat” target referred to also tests distances, by using smaller and smaller red silhouettes (standing in for British regulars — red coats) to simulate further targets. It is the first target shot at an Appleseed weekend and is used several more times after that as well. Being “bayonetted” on a Red Coat target means not even succeeding at hitting the “100 yard” silhouette, since the real life Red Coat could cover that 100 yards and bayonet you before you could reload. Obviously, one does not wish to be bayonetted! 

New Hunter Safety Graduates

Several of MMGC’s youth members successfully completed the Hunter Safety training in Estancia over the weekend of March 5-6. We would like to express our congratulations to Lorenzo Griego (age 10), Wyatt Greene (also age 10) and Dylan Greene (age 7) — all youth members of the Manzano Mountain Gun Club and all now qualified to go hunting with their families.

Adult club members Alan Clute and Trinidad Griego also completed the Hunter Safety class, with the intention of preparing to be Hunter Safety instructors in the near future. Congratulations to Trini and Alan as well!

We got thanked!

We got thanked!

As we said before, we were very happy to be in a position to support this fine family event!

Happy to support!


The Manzano Mountain Gun Club donated $300 toward the purchase of a youth shotgun which was offered as a drawing prize for participants in the Moriarty Rotary Youth Pheasant Hunt. Charlie’s Sporting Goods in Albuquerque picked up the rest of the tab for the shotgun.

The Moriarty Rotary Youth Pheasant Hunt is an annual family event. It occurred this year on Saturday, November 13, at the Shiver Ranch in Stanley. Forty youth participated in the event, and more than 100 volunteers made the day a very satisfying experience for the participants. In addition to the Moriarty Rotary, the hunt was supported by Shorty’s Bar-B-Q, who catered lunch, and the Big Horn Gun Club, whose members assisted at the shooting stations. The NMSU Torrance County 4-H office, including home economist Corina Neish and her family, served breakfast burritos, coffee and cocoa, free of charge. Sudie Teaney of the Torrance County Cooperative Extension Office, and Leslie and Carlos Chavez, Desperados 4-H Club leaders, assisted with registration.

Gun Rights for Dummies

The massively impressive Bill Whittle explains the importance of gun rights, with the kind of common sense and straightforwardness that the rest of us can only dream about. This YouTube video is part of Bill’s series on what the Tea Partiers believe, but it pretty well sums up what any of us who view the Second Amendment as the citadel of freedom will believe.

In Bill’s wonderful and pithy formulation, “Just because something is fun and scares away weenies doesn’t mean that it’s stupid!”

Watch, learn, enjoy.

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