A good time was had by all

The First Annual “Ladies Fun Shoot” was a wonderful harbinger of the sort of events we can have regularly once the range is completed and actually open.

Nine women, including 4 who are not MMGC members, participated in 3 courses of fire. Instructor Donn Gallahue ran the event and provided shooting instruction during the day. Several MMGC men served as RSOs for the shoot.

Donn reports: “The first actual shooting event held @ MMGC Range seemed to be a success. All attendees seemed to have fun, the wind was a definite factor, but we were able to complete three different courses of fire which proved to be very challenging to all the shooters.”

Ladies' Fun Shoot
Gail shooting

A wide variety of challenges, and of RSOs, too!

enjoying the breeze copy

Visiting between challenges.

smiling faces

Happy faces ensue!

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