Rodeo Days

Many many thanks to the wonderful team of MMGC members who volunteered for this month’s rodeo concession stand.  From the pictures, you will see we had a great time, along with making a contribution to our Club.


early morning rodeo-ers

goats are gonne get tied

goats are gonna get tied!

eyeing the upcoming challenge

eyeing the upcoming challenge

Lou and Kevin cooked over 65 breakfast burritos.

Nick and Kevin took over and cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs, with George making sure everything was going smoothly.


how to keep everything going smoothly

Kevin 2

Kevin grills, happily.

Nick, Trudy, Christine

Ready for business, or taking a break?

Christine, Trudy, and Sharon were cashiers, while keeping everything well stocked.

Sharon, Trudy, Christine

Womanning the booth

Jim was our go-to man for supplies.

Jim Bauer

Lonnie and Sonya not only worked the snow-cone booth, but also donated all the profits from it.

Steve (the auctioneer) stayed around all day offering his assistance;  he even ended up taking the money at the snow cone booth for several hours.

the auctioneer

the auctioneer

Thanks to Trini and his wonderful family, we did not have to purchase sodas, popsicles, or chips. Everything had been counted out for us and ready to use. Also, there were extra sodas and chips remaining so they will be given to the (range work party) workers this weekend.

After expenses, our total amount raised was $643. What a great day for the MMGC!

Sharon Doler
Project Manager

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