The Manzano Mountain Gun Club has about 60 members. Our club includes members from all walks of life. Whether you are a business owner, banker, artist, musician, computer programmer, tradesman, craftsman, retired, or (of course) a rancher or cowboy — you are sure to meet someone with a similar background in our club!

What brings us together is the desire to have a safe, dedicated shooting range, where we can practice our own skills while training the next generation in safe gun-handling and marksmanship excellence.

As MMGC is affiliated with the National Rifle Association, all members must be members of the NRA.

To join, new members attend a meeting, fill out the application, pay the dues, and show proof of NRA membership. Once the range opens, all members will also need to complete the range orientation before being granted range privileges.

Dues are assessed in December, for the membership year of January 1 through December 31.

For the 2022 membership year, regular member dues will be $50; dues for a (legal) couple are $75.

Our regular meetings occur on the third Thursday of each month, at Ancient Cities Cafe in Mountainair, at 6:00 pm. Ancient Cities Cafe is at the west end of town on US Highway 60. One need not order food to attend a club meeting. (On the other hand, food is available!)

NOTE: all members must be members of the NRA. If you have not joined the NRA yet, click the NRA badge at right, or contact us. MMGC participates in the NRA Recruiter program; joining through the link here or at a club meeting helps support club programs.

Once you have joined, the Club secretary needs a xerox of your NRA card as proof of your NRA membership. 

The club membership application is available here.

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